Sunday, December 6, 2009

तेहेल्का again

Mumbai mayhem Still from Shrikant Agawane’s Sin City
Shrikant Agawane has made a 15-minutelong short film titled Sin City, which I recently saw. It is an extremely moody and layered tale of crime in Mumbai and its iconic status in Bollywood films. A fresh graduate of SRFTI, Shrikant is stylish in his visualisation. The entire film is treated with a bizarre green tint that makes the images of the everyday city eerie and tantalizing at the same time. The film connects the popular crime stories and the mythical dons (Haji Mastan, Dholakia brothers, Yousuf Patel) with the real locations in the city. It talks about how Morarji Desai’s prohibition policy created the hath bhatti (country liquor) dens in the creeks of Dharavi and how that inspired the character of Sher Khan (Pran) in Zanjeer.
Dutta is a documentary filmmaker. She lives in Mumbai

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